Checkout These 25 Jobs That Pay You Extremely Well

You must know which jobs pay you the highest before making important life decisions such as which college major should you opt for or what specialty you must work on. After the Great Recession, we are now being faced with a difficult situation of lower employment rates. It will make all the difference in the world to know which job will pay you well and will help you choose a career path for yourself.

Following is a list of jobs that will pay you the highest, so that you can choose the safest career option for yourself:


The average salary for a pharmacy manager is as high as $146,412. A pharmacy manager must have the qualification of PharmD (Doctor of Pharmacy), which requires you to carry out only 2 years of undergraduate studies (specialized), followed by 4 years of a professional program in pharmacy. It is mandatory for them to have work experience, too. A pharmacy manager can also be referred to as a lead pharmacist. Their primary responsibility is to ensure that buyers get the right medicines and also they need to supervise other pharmacists. It is also their duty to ensure their store follows all legal regulations.


A physician’s average salary falls under around $195,842. A physician is required to complete his/her bachelor’s and M.D. from a medical school and then go on to complete their residency for an internship through several programs. Their main duty is to collect their patient’s medical history and work on diagnosing their health. They proceed to treat the problems or recommend the patients to appropriate specialists.


A pharmacist is usually paid around $127,120 and needs the same qualifications as a pharmacy manager. They need to pass 2 exams in order to qualify to get a license. They are responsible for giving customers their medicines according to the prescriptions. They also advise them on the correct dosage and methods to take the medicines.


Their average salary is usually $115,944 and they need to have a bachelor’s degree that specializes in IT (Information Technology). A similar degree will also suffice for this post. They may also need to be members of the Association of Enterprise Architects if they wish to network better. An EA is responsible to create an IT system that matches the goals and strategies of the company.


They have an average salary of $115,580. Being lawyers, they must have a degree in corporate law and after the completion of this, they must appear for the LSAT exam to get admissions in any law school. They must also be licensed along with being members of the bar association. Their primary responsibility is to work for one particular company and provide them legal counsel relating to their business.


The average salary of a software development manager is around $108,879. They must either have a bachelor’s degree in computer engineering or computer science. In some cases, they may also need a master’s degree. They may be seen working with software developers in any particular industry. They usually design websites and other software.


The median salary of an assistant physician is $108,761. They need to have the basic requirement of a bachelor’s degree and also need to complete courses in behavioral and live sciences. They are responsible for diagnosing illnesses and curing them as well. An assistant physician is required for all specialties in medicine.


Their average salary is around $107,479. They must have proper degrees in either of these: computer engineering or computer science. They are responsible for hiring, as well as supervising the software engineers working under them. Together, the team not only manages different software products, but also creates new software.


They earn around $106,962 and must hold an MS in Nursing or the qualification of Doctor of Nursing Practice. Along with this, they must also have certification for a specialty with an APRN license from the state. Nurse practitioners have more responsibilities than a RN, as they are closer to the physicians. They may even be fully certified to treat people without supervision from the doctors.


They are usually paid around $105,329. They need to have a master’s degree in computer engineering or computer science along with some experience in designing or creating software. They are responsible for making software that resolves issues in business and is used for troubleshooting coding issues.


Their average salary is around $105,260. They must for sure have a bachelor’s degree in engineering with a minimum of 5 years of work experience related to the job of an engineering manager. Some employers may require you to have a post-graduate certification for engineering. They need to manage technical issues often.


Their salary falls under around $104,048. They are required to have a bachelor’s degree with some hands-on work experience to go with their educational qualifications. They manage a team of application developers that come up with new applications and manage them.


Their average salary may be somewhere around $103,892. Most companies need a bachelor’s degree along with work experience. However, in the case of others, you may be a plant worker who simply has to take a few management classes to reach this position. If you are a worker and see yourself leading a team, you can attend such classes to become eligible for the post. They oversee the entire process of manufacturing at the plant.